Jump Force - Yugi 55K (visemes and eye tracking)

Uploaded by Eagle 1551351335 ago


It's time to D-d-d-duel!

Yugi from Jump Force, comes with visemes and eye tracking

Uses standard and cubed shaders https://github.com/cubedparadox/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders

Problems? mesage me on discord @ Eagle#4191

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SparkTheKirin 1551632027 ago

If the pants and cape are still pink you installed the shaders but didn't apply them. Google how to use shaders, any sort will do, it will teach you to apply the new ones

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quarzoh 1551581227 ago

im still a bit new to unity and im having some problems, i added in the cubed shaders but the cape and the pants are still pink

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SlapCupChamp 1551490367 ago

I re-downloaded it and most of the problems that were accruing the first time are now gone. Maybe it was my fault, I don't know. I'm sorry if my earlier comment sounded harsh. It does work now for the most part.

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MizuFox 1551455973 ago

Honestly good job man. ive been workin for weeks on thaat avatar. I started exporting it thru xps then i started workin on all the bones. the ankles were messed up. the bones were not painted right and then it would make the legs be all spagehti like. and man. dude like i honestly dont know how you made viscemes with his lips stuck together. i kept getting zombie like visscemes when i tried cx. and with no face bones. the jump force viscemes are just so hard. but you did a fantastic job man. I like how you fixed a problem i couldnt even do with mine. thank you for ending my blender horrors with this jump force yugi xDDD

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SlapCupChamp 1551413942 ago

I just made an account just to tell you that this model is broken! Everything is stretched like spaghetti and I keep looking through the floor. But you can still make avatars better than me. I just hope you make an update in the future if this is a problem with anyone else. Hope this comes out more constructive than out right bashing.
p.s. The only thing I did between downloading the model and putting it on Unity was remove the card in hand.

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SparkTheKirin 1551410377 ago

Time to customize it and become the king of memes

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