Fallout 3/NV Pipboy

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This is the PIPboy 3000a model featured in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas
There are bones on the radiation dial, stats dial, scroll wheel, and even the mode buttons.
Shape keys on the button glow for extra customisation.
Bethesda designed the pipboy3000 with a very specific bodily frame in mind(I guess people don't get fat when they wear these) so if your avatar is muscular or particularly skinny this will have an odd time trying to fit in properly, if you know how to, it may be best to modify this onto your model through Blender in stead of Unity.

This version of PIPboy is far superior to the Fallout 4 version because it cannot be stolen, unless someone steals the whole arm.

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shawn bick 1561032885 ago

just cut off the hand

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Paranoias Big Venom 1552089171 ago

Cutting a whole arm is never been hard.

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