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Uploaded by SpoopyXeu 1552349961 ago


-Cubed Shader
-facial expressions
Doesn't Include
-dynamic bones
**NOTE** Avatar is a prefab, not an FBX

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unnamed0user 1627603986 ago


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RendangAyam 1558577018 ago

Is this full body tracking ready?

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CorpseGod003 1556511139 ago

LOL this was ripped from Ronnie8Shelby

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lucifer666 1556480532 ago


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ronnie8shelby 1556480441 ago

if u need textures for it or if your having problems add me on dis ronnie8shelby#8000

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ronnie8shelby 1556480382 ago

thx to all of yall who used my avi

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DREAMS 1556432644 ago

LOL being triggered over a face texture LMFAO

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Denvia 1555771327 ago

now i know what people mean when they say my face texture is on vrcmods. wow

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