PewDiePie - 18k (visemes and eyetracking)

Uploaded by Eagle 1552864628 ago



A PewDiePie model I found, has visemes and eyetracking

Uses Mochie's Uber Shader

*Reuploaded model for some fixes*

Doing my part for PewDiePie to win against T-Series
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Questions? DM me on Discord @ Eagle#4191 (I can't type sometimes, tag is good now)

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Orion85 1563966804 ago

Fuck PewDiePIe he sucks!

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Eagle Author 1553468596 ago

reuploaded to fix some problems

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Acrozi 1553295880 ago

Discord tag doesn't work and the stomach like puffs out and the feet are constantly like pushed to like a spike.

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CheinSojang 1552866358 ago

we must defeat the indians once and for all

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seabug 1552865953 ago


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