Obese Male (Big Update, Fixed Fingers, Emotes, Gestures)

Uploaded by bobilly89 1517531733 ago


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This avatar comes with two gestures:
RockNRoll: Pulls out a bag of chips, soda, burger and eats loudly.
FingerPoint: Burps disgustingly, most likely the nastiest burp you have ever heard.

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Hayan 1546279745 ago

just why

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bobilly89 Author 1517845386 ago

@mccreamyboiii I fixed the fingers and added in some funny dances

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McCreamyBoiiii 1517717966 ago

aawh, shiet! so there wont be a fix?

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bobilly89 Author 1517717848 ago

@creampyboii fucked beyond repair

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McCreamyBoiiii 1517717520 ago

is it only me or are the fingers fu**ed for everyone?

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Pocci 1517591231 ago


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bobilly89 Author 1517581404 ago

@sal done

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Sal 1517576661 ago

Change picture to boogie2988 please.

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bobilly89 Author 1517534159 ago

@roqj done

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HingleMcCringle 1517533562 ago

75% of the players can now play as themselves

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seabug 1517532775 ago

Censor nipples please

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