Lingerie Haku (NSFW, Full Body, 5 Gestures)

Uploaded by CheinSojang 1553699741 ago


Cubed shaders and dynamic bones required
Fingerpoint: Cat ears
Handgun: Hearts
Rocknroll: Hachu
Thumbsup: Stars
Victory: Lingerie off (inb4 you ask yes it works, it just won't show in mirrors)

Viscemes and eye tracking too
Have fun

My discord:

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vunk 1557290654 ago

Over 100k polygons, can't use this.

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Kronos1 1557270176 ago

Please help, there are no visemes and also hand gestures don´t work, also for some reason the flat lit toon shader doesn´t seem to work

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fluffmaster929 1555359898 ago

can you update the discord invite

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MistyZer0 1554332580 ago

Avatar is purple when put into unity, I have cubeds shader and dynamic bones as well as SDK imported is it because of the version?

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randomdude13 1554126865 ago

Add CaramelHotel in VRChat for some fun ^^

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Sh4dowDesu 1554071731 ago

How do you use avatars with more than 20000 polygons?

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kirakirachan 1553827477 ago

When I upload the avatar, lingerie and pantsu are always transparent. Even if OverrideController sets all None, Haku is always nude. Help!?

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CheinSojang Author 1553823324 ago


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peanuts 1553822670 ago

full body ready?

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Lugia01 1553813055 ago

i'm so proud of you son.

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xitten 1553793487 ago

IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL, but it says too many polys. ;~; Any way to lower it? I'm a noob at all of this by the way. Already using modded SDK.

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azurekite 1553747386 ago

Pretty nice.

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Jouska 1553746599 ago

Can you create a baguette prop? qwq

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Tanshi 1553731502 ago

someone visited booru ?

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KingCDog 1553703474 ago

Dats Awesome dude! Can you make Lolathon?

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