Script - Animated Rainbow Shader

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You do not need anything else than what's included inside this Package for this to work!

This contains 1x Folder named "Shared" & 1x "Rainbow.shader" file
which will be extracted to your Assets folder.

This is just a simple but still very flexible tool to mess around with.


Make sure your Unity version is "Unity 5.6.3p1"

Make a Project with SDK for vrchat installed,

then launch the installer and import all the files contained inside the package
and you will be all good to use it after you done so.


It's very simple and user friendly.

You start of by selecting a material, let's say a hat or glasses that a Avatar is wearing.
then you see the top option which says "Shader"
which is going to be set to "Standard" by default.

Click it & change it to the second bottom option which says "_Shaders"
which inside that contains the shader name "Rainbow"

Once you select it you will see 5 Different sliders:

Then click the play button to see how it looks.


Leave a comment what you think of the Shader.
also be sure to upvote or downvote it.

Thank you for checking out my Shader!

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CryCry Author 1612381549 ago

Missed the 3-year mark :sad:

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Polygonal 1586824718 ago


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Theshmee 1572820991 ago

Does anyone know if this works for quest avatars

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Dushess 1569098250 ago

Banned Lucasgintoki for not noticing usage of full-color rainbow instead of 6 color based.

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Slurmpershnar 1561283479 ago

imagine not using standard

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GHOSTFANGWOLFIE 1554040554 ago

very nice shader

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Lucasgintoki 1551278903 ago

Downvoted for being gay

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CryCry Author 1548578995 ago

Thank you! I'm glad this has helped you out in someway and I may create more in the future.

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BluZodiac 1546703190 ago

I have never touched Unity in the past, but my first experience was with his Defalt model, and I toyed around with the rainbow script. It's very simplistic to edit which is amazing for clueless people such as myself. This Is something that's great and I hope you make more!

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CryCry Author 1531725463 ago

There's sliders to play with?

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jelliee 1529542973 ago

@CryCry how do you change the spread and speed, i see the equation 5,0,10,0=3,8 but i dont know how to change it properly for it to work

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CryCry Author 1523539006 ago

All you have to do is run the Package once while you got your Unity open,
extract everything contained in the package.
Then just go to a object with a texture/clothing that's up to you.
Click on it then select the tab where it says "shader" then
scroll all the way to the bottom where it says "_Rainbow"
Inside of that there's another option named just "Rainbow" click that then
you got the shader applied for just that texture.
Then you will have a few sliders to mess around with to fit your style.

Don't forget to click play to see how it looks like in real time!

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Xaric 1523437546 ago

I don't understand how to use the shader, or what to click for it.

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CryCry Author 1517739910 ago

@Hoody tm
What i usually do to get that sort of effect, is that i ramp up the "Spread"
also lower the "Speed" to make it look like the colour changes slower.
I usually find it suiting at 10 Spread & 1 Speed.

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Hoodytm 1517698883 ago

How can you slow it down down?
tht the colours change slower?

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Vuci 1517647614 ago

Thank you!

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Kaz 1517612387 ago

You have to upload it for it to animate iron

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IronG312 1517608037 ago

It's just pink for me, what am I doing wrong?

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Kaz 1517604986 ago

Maybe make a galaxy one? Thanks for this one though!

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CryCry Author 1517591770 ago

Well use the installer on a project which you want to use Rainbow Shaders on.
There's a "Installation" & "How to use" in the text above the comment section.
Or you can google it cause there're other people who have made this script as well.

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FiveFive 1517586563 ago

Or just put inside the unity and upload?

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FiveFive 1517586532 ago

Can make a tutorial video?

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