Battle Bus (idk why i did this)

Uploaded by Eagle 1556067133 ago


I regret converting this, please kill me (oh yeah i decimated it to 70k so you can make this a model)

Uses Mochie's Uber Shader:


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RussianKakarot 1557350410 ago

ok boomer

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Eagle Author 1557350403 ago

@RussianKakarot Uwaaaaaah

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Eagle Author 1557350330 ago

@Red134 well not everyone wants lag :shrug:

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RussianKakarot 1557350293 ago

ok boomer

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Eagle Author 1556238026 ago

Oh yeah, model doesn't have a scene descriptor, i converted this more as object or vehicle, if you wanna use this as model, simple add the avatar desciptor component to the model, put the viewpoint somewhere you want, and done

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jackster 1556208908 ago

for some reason my sdk tells me to add a scene descriptor even if i allready clicked the "cancer bus" scene

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Red134 1556195484 ago

Why did you decimate it... We didn't need it at 70k thats what modded sdks are for.

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Too Many Polys 1556155650 ago

Wow very cool kanye

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NeganVR 1556091098 ago

victory royale

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