Shy Gal Blue (Gestures, 8 Custom Emotes, Lip Sync)

Uploaded by bobilly89 1517715710 ago


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You will also need to import the CubedShaders package into unity before importing this avatar, the download link is below:

This avatar has cubed shaders, lip sync, dynamic bones, and some emotes.

1. Download the cubedshaders and vrcsdk if you don't have it. Links are above.
2. Import vrcsdk into unity, then the cubed shaders package.
3. import the avatar
4. Load the scene named Blue placed in the folder named FBX
5. Upload

RockNRoll: Holds a sign and plays shy gal song.

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Brutarii 1531629568 ago

whats the source of this model?

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SoulWeasel 1521082916 ago

I'm having a problem with actually loading this up with sdk. It keeps saying (this avatar measures too large on atleast one axis. it must be <5M on a side but its bounds are (64.2, 78.9, 30.5)

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Mellowmarsh97 1519188621 ago

you should totally make the other shy gals too

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LittleZek 1518572698 ago

I can't find the ONSP Audio Source to delete it so I can upload the avatar to VRChat :(

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JayClouds 1517871763 ago

Hey nice model! Can't wait for Shy Gal Red *o*

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