Lu Chiliarch

Uploaded by Lulu 1517725826 ago


She have:
+ blinking animations
+ eye tracking
+ lip sync
+ dynamic bones
+ dynamic bone colliders.
+ 8 custom standing emotes.

She doesn't have:
- sitting emotes.
- hand gestures.

How to install:
1- Be sure you have Cubed's Unity Shaders and the latest SDK.
2- Open Unity.
3- Open (Lu Chiliarch) file and Import.
4- In Unity go to Avatar/Lu Chiliarch and open the file (Open me).
5- Login on your VRChat account and Upload it.

Smile ^^

Model made from:


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Zurana Suki 1572907993 ago

Dynamic bones do not work

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YuukiFlo 1565731257 ago

by me is all purple.. anyone help?

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paranormal 1536005027 ago

My goodness, this avatar looks amazing. About to upload!

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Silvia 1517734721 ago

Pretty awesome with the DAP xD

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TheUnknownM 1517726635 ago


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