Jadne's Miko Ooka Onesies

Uploaded by Jadne 1557015466 ago


Well hey I got a lil bored of people uploading stolen versions, so, why not see how much fun yall can have with the real deal?

-Perfect Fullbody Proportions
-Fluffy tail!
-Dynamic bones
-Setup and ready to go

Also be sure to download these shader packs for it:

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Krislyz 1565958384 ago

Just wanted to point out that the shader packs download link is outdated, and is not working anymore. Also, those people who are saying they have a problem with the model below me, these doesn't seem like problems to me, that seems more like no-experience type of issues. Go figure out how to use unity.

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M I S E R Y 1619653171 ago

https://www.vrcmods.com/item/8591 riots furshader some of yall were looking for it

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ZeroTheErmine 1607711427 ago

What do we do since the shader pack download link says the stuff is deleted?

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zentarias 1558600238 ago

So im not exactly sure what to do, but downloading it just comes out as a file named Jadne', can I get help on what to do next?

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Kwiltz 1558281700 ago

I might be doing something wrong but why cant I change the color of just the onesie, it seems to change the color of the whole model

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azurekite 1558161688 ago

I'm having issues with the model, the inner part of the hood as well as the inner part of the sleeves shows empty and you can see through it.

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slushslush 1557540797 ago

@PoppyGay its working for me

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PoppyGay 1557515854 ago

cant get the shader for the tail to work

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PoppyGay 1557515849 ago

cant get the shader for the tail to work

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djswagnasty 1557400790 ago

By any chance how can I get the shader to work? I imported all of the downloads and it does not show like in the sample image you have. It's just a ball @A@

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A Little Sugoi 1557355526 ago

Nothing but love and support from me Jadne mumma <3

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rollthered 1557202445 ago

Imagine arguing with someone on the internet.

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Break 1557166060 ago

@Mappi Okay so link the OC? Regardless the point was to support the OC's if you like Jadne's edit.

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Jadne Author 1557103639 ago

Always hated how popular this onesie got, cus it was my least effort

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Jadne Author 1557102994 ago

Through that time I sold stuff, I knew full well that i was being hypocritical of my own ideals, also dumb on what I was doing. I didnt know prices, I just got peoples opinions and went with it. Selling has been the most stressful year of my life, but now idc, and i dont sell anything anymore. Truth is, I lost my job and had bad luck searching, this payed rent. The second i found a job i shut down all of my services, and found someone i commissioned for scratch work. I love all of your guys's support, but ill never feel i deserve, because it's just me doing simple stuff.

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Mappi 1557102158 ago

@Break The copyright holder for that is HanbitSoft, UnluckyCandyFox from deviantart ripped it and the guy you linked is someone that retextured/rigged it.

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Break 1557098119 ago

Model Credit~~~~~
Original Onesie: https://www.deviantart.com/foolskatt/art/Pajama-MMD-DL-630965324 Ooka Miko: https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22517044 Please support the original creators if you are a fan of jadne's edit. Although I find it a tad funny personally that you were trying to Sell this model that you don't own the copyrights to and got upset when people stole said model(imo that's karma for you) I agree that regardless of circumstance, and truths it's a shitty thing to have your stuff stolen. Beyond that, I think it's cool that you are choosing to share your edit with people now. Good on you~ Jadne

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Reihai 1557083896 ago

if you're downloading on internet explorer that won't work use google chrome

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Cirno 1557069185 ago

when your half way into seeing the base model for the off gang model and chill and vrcmods give u this look

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BanditBlackFlash 1557064350 ago

I am sorry someone went and stole this it was fun being one of the few with it still love and support you Jadne

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OMG Riley 1557054553 ago

Then something is going wrong on your end. You can't even upload just a .txt file to vrcmods. You can only upload unity packages.

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Hythera 1557054447 ago

@OMG Riley when i press the ''Download Button'' i can just download a .txt... idk o.o

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OMG Riley 1557054243 ago

It's not just a .txt, it's the model. Your file may have corrupted. try redownloading it, or reimporting it in a different unity project

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Hythera 1557053893 ago

why is this just a .txt ? :(

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NayuChan 1557051983 ago

Respect for this model creator.

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404 1557050345 ago

I like how this fighting is continuing when me and jadne have already personally talked about it. plus like what rubba said its a mmd base :LUL:

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Rubba 1557047259 ago

Imagine fighting over an mmd base lmao

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Slushe 1557046710 ago

Cute model.

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thyrak 1557034713 ago

Jadne is the original creator, upvoted.

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KyoukoZ 1557034323 ago

slob stop being a bitch LMFAO nigga used to use ripped particles and shit now he out here being the vrchat police nigga kill urself

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bella 1557031817 ago

just made an account so i could comment, thanks for posting this. a lot of people really love this model, i have one of yours saved in my favorites from forever ago. i just really wanted to say thank you.

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OMG Riley 1557023919 ago

We won't.

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Jadne Author 1557023757 ago

Let's not turn -these- comments into a fight too, if we can.

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OMG Riley 1557023723 ago

Thanks for the info, Slob. Much appreciated.

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slob 1557023052 ago

If that helps,

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slob 1557022679 ago

404 is Log404 aka ERPWhen ingame.

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slushslush 1557022362 ago

this is the original creator so don't down vote thanks for the upload i am sorry that you had to because it got leaked

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OMG Riley 1557022031 ago

Not sure why people are downvoting (Probably the dumbass who tried to claim he made this and his friends), but knowing how the majority of the people that have been spreading stolen shit act, it doesn't surprise me. Thank you, Jadne, for finally putting this out there and putting an end to all this shit that has gone on for far too long. <3

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