Lu Noblesse

Uploaded by Lulu 1517743184 ago


She have:
+ blinking animations
+ eye tracking
+ lip sync
+ dynamic bones
+ dynamic bone colliders.
+ 8 custom standing emotes

She doesn't have:
- sitting emotes.
- hand gestures.

How to install:
1- Be sure you have Cubed's Unity Shaders and the latest SDK.
2- Open Unity.
3- Open (Lu Noblesse) file and Import.
4- In Unity go to Avatar/Lu Noblesse and open the file (Open me).
5- Login on your VRChat account and Upload it.

Be noble ^^

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NRpain 1524707192 ago

this model works awesome . thanks for the download really cool of you . i had no issues uploading or importing into unity. also would it be ok to resize it my self ?

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fandrus 1521244589 ago

Ahh I love the Lu skins! I would use all of the ones you upload :D

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AlolanVulpixMc 1519524663 ago

I would love for you to do innocent lu and ciel next cause they are my favorites

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BeckyZT 1518182963 ago

For the people worried about the unity not loading the textures/pink/with model: Dont worry, that happend to all the models i tried to import, but they work completely fine so just upload and check on the game

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Lulu Author 1517835169 ago

@Weso2222222222222 I don't play OverWatch, so I don't know the skins, right now I am working on another avatar, after I finish it i'll go see OverWatch skins, or tell me some that are popular.

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Weso2222222222222 1517786661 ago

Great skin why don’t you do some OverWatch skins

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Lulu Author 1517773612 ago

@DeathShiva I just created a New Unity Project, placed the Cubed's Unity Shaders, download this avatar, and then I Imported it, it worked just fine for me, I can't see why it shows pink to you, I'm sorry I can't help with your problem, I can't think of anything else.

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DeathShiva 1517772927 ago

@Lulu Ok, so I did your method, but I still could not get it to work, however I selected a different shader in Unity that seemed to do the same/similar thing to give the model it's color. Originally, I was going to change it to Standard because that worked, but I started messing around with some of the UnityChan settings which now give it that bright color & it looks the same, so I'm happy. Thank you though, I would've never known where to go. I didn't know a thing about shaders until I read this.

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Lulu Author 1517771572 ago

@DeathShiva Be sure you have Cubed's Unity Shaders before importing.
If you already have Cubed's Unity Shaders then go to Avatar/Lu Noblesse/Materials, in there press (ctrl a) to select all items, then on the top corner you can change the Shader, change it to CubeParadox/Flat Lit Toon, it should look like this:

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DeathShiva 1517762266 ago

So I'm sure I'm just a noob, but none of the Lu models are loading into my Unity correctly. They are all showing up in the hot pink / fuchsia color. But other models are importing into the project just fine. I'm not sure what I'm missing here.

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heppyface 1517745294 ago

@Lulu Np, Thanks for the upload my Gf really likes this avatar

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Lulu Author 1517745072 ago

@heppyface Thank you for noticing me, I am sorry for the mistake, it is fixed now.

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CuddleBunnyLucy 1517744455 ago

I noticed that aswell

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Lisk 1517744445 ago

Nice! Dl'd)

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heppyface 1517744366 ago

Mate nice that you upload this model, but this unity package got the Chilliarch in it not the noblesse

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