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This was an avatar I created out of parts not too long ago but had no desire to keep, so why not just put it up on here.

*Has minor scufs between the shoulder blades and the ribs.

• 59k Polys
• Visemes
• Eye Tracking
• Blinking
• Full Body
• Dynamic Bones
• Poiyomi Master Shader

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xXchopstixXx 1566867406 ago

Hey, have trouble with upload avatar. -- "Overall Perfomance - This may not perform well on many systems", etc. how fix that?

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renze 1560410885 ago

Model not showing up in file :(

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azurekite 1558588740 ago

I liked it! There's one thing you missed though is that the stocking png has a nipple, not sure if it shows unless someone tries to see the model from the inside but just a heads up.

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TheFleurra 1558203263 ago

She cute though <3

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Kodakura 1558169989 ago

lit model

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bitty 1558137673 ago

me deeadddd

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Joltze 1558136911 ago

good model tho :D

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Joltze 1558136818 ago

time to find a new choker and hat RIP cuban and strapback :(

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