Chibi Toothless v2.2

Uploaded by GearBell 1558661213 ago


4 foot tall bipedal Toothless! Looks like it sits when it crouches. Even has a seat for riders! (cant fly) For the following effects here's the gestures sheet:
POINT - eyes focus forward
FIST - teeth out, slight angry face
HANDS OPEN - Toothless open mouth smile
THUMBSUP - eyes closed purr
VICTORY - roar
ROCKnROLL - derp face
HANDGUN - wings open
COMBO 1 - Victory(hold)+Point(hold) = Fire breath
COMBO 2 - Victory(hold)+HandsOpen(click) = Fire Ball

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Dushess 1576441316 ago

Basically tweak tail angle restrictor. It must be straight in running and flying. Current anim fits sitting ONLY. Second andiition is lower walking anim speed. It is ACTUALLY walking, not running with [Shift].

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Dorago 1597108372 ago

I can't upload it to vrchat. I get a filenotfoundexception error

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thatoneguy1871 1595085813 ago

it wont let me publish it

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Dushess 1576441355 ago

Oh, yes, eyes blinking and probably random rare movements aside.

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Dushess 1569098018 ago

Good, but please fix his tail and walking anims. 1st is broken (not need to use sitting anims since tail no longer colliding with ground in lying mode) 2nd just not exists. Also maybe flying legs mode (aerodynapics yeah)

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freedomgundum101 1561312817 ago

Hey, I was curious if I could put in a request as for a model to be constructed? I'm willing to its just hard to come across such good builders

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Greninja 1560089414 ago

How do you download it?

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Swe Wolf 1558967058 ago

Its a very good avatar

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TheUnknownM 1558894260 ago

Omg! I love this so much.

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