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Idle pack MG Screenshot

7.1K Total Downloads

161.6K Total Views

Asset Type Animations

File Type Unity Package


My first upload to vrcmods these are all my idles and 1 more idk who made it but i post it there

original owner xLDeMxN_,..Silence...,

hope yall like it



Assets (6 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/zeus idles/besto idle.anim
/Assets/zeus idles/idle esclusive.anim
/Assets/zeus idles/Idle_man_1.anim
/Assets/zeus idles/happy_idle 1.anim
/Assets/zeus idles/IdleMG.anim
/Assets/zeus idles/xl idle.anim

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KuroClutch 1652695335 ago

Silly Billy l love sexy time

xlBxss Author 1559032193 ago

ty bitty

bitty 1559022689 ago

if anyone wants to know what this is it's basically an idle animation to make desktop players look like they have vr

KagoX 1605574607 ago

Anyone have images of these idle animations?

knifenacs 1564292604 ago

magic gang number 1

Zoruu 1558756466 ago


WindNayru 1558746829 ago

a $5 los amarillos y $10 los rojos

DEDOS EN EL ANO 1558743440 ago

no sample or anything to tell us what exactly we are downloading?

xlBxss Author 1558740632 ago

Animation pack my guy, idles tbh

RBX50001 1558740537 ago

o yes magic gang

erick sempai 1558740530 ago

manana no hay clases :3

RBX50001 1558740476 ago

o yes magic gang boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

redraven626 1558737509 ago

no sample or anything to tell us what exactly we are downloading?


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