PsychoUpdates Boy

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Heres my Lil boy i decided to share with all of you :)
Cant wait to see what you guys do with it.
if i see anyone in this model, ill give them a fat kiss on the mouth. XD

This model comes 100% ready to upload. It has the following features.

-Lip Sync
-Dynamic Bones
-Eye Tracking


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sakyu01 1581938841 ago

Nice avatar!! Where did you get that parker?

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Skittlesbeano 1573075479 ago


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Purple Destroyer 1563986442 ago

I managed to shove the FBX into Blender and used CATS to merge any textures that used the same material. but that meant that i lost all dynamic bones,

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Purple Destroyer 1563979890 ago

Becouse im a shorty, i happen to be the perfect proportions for full body.
but that aint my problem. its the fact that there are Quite a few unused textures and since the unity material slots limit is 32, i have space for exactly 2 materials. Which makes complex things beyond animations, very tricky.

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WatDaEGG 1563183663 ago

Any chance you could add full body support to this guy really love the model.

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CorpseGod003 1562282276 ago

this is a solid base model

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bluelewdfoxy 1562098654 ago

i can't wait to see an adult version

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SilentTrash 1560760615 ago

Not sure what the problem is

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Codexuh 1560750814 ago

hey guys, do you know how to add the lip sync, I uploaded it and the mouth doesn't move, don't know what I did wrong

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Mystery Bang 1560735285 ago

You should make it full body rdy, just check the box in Cats Plugin. if it isn't already in fbt, but didn't seem like it when I tried

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kirakirachan 1560591841 ago

1st, select MATS folder. Then select material.mat files.
After that, change the shader. .poiyomi>Toon>Cutout

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SadisticKannaXI 1560526847 ago

@kirakirachan how do you do that? I'm dumb

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kirakirachan 1560499388 ago

@SadisticKannaXI You need to use PoiyomiToonShader 2.7.11 and setting materials yourself in Unity.

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GawGawHaNa 1560397419 ago

this is so nice ?

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SadisticKannaXI 1560382794 ago

Cubed doesn't work

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Purple Destroyer 1560373236 ago

Just saying
most models require Cubed, get it before even if the model says otherwise, becouse if the model doesnt use cubed, Just put cubed on the model anyways 9/10 times it makes it better.

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TheUnknownM 1560348092 ago

Omg, I love him uwu

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Claudius 1560321809 ago

is this the famous twitch streamer psychoupdates

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jesusbleach 1560321131 ago

oh a kanna

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HeIIfish13 1560287596 ago

comes with pink textures. how do apply the textures to it?

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LaMalthe 1560283713 ago

is this the fam twitch streamer psychoupdates

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LaMalthe 1560283651 ago

is this the fam twitch streamer psychoupdates

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Paranoias Big Venom 1560283551 ago


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MemoMii 1560280609 ago

thank you. :)

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Animemadhatter2021 1560279914 ago

this is so cool could you make a little sister for him to?

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spicylolii 1560279895 ago


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Scroooo 1560271874 ago


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