One's Justice Todoroki (29k, eye tracking, visemes)

Uploaded by Eagle 1560478833 ago


I've had him sitting in unity for a long time now and forgot to upload him lmao, so here you go!

Credits to the forgottensaint47 on deviantart (he has since made his account blank, idk why)
Todoroki has 29k poly and the other stuff like eye tracking and visemes uses xiexe's shader

I've also included some ice objects that i ripped from the game myself

If you would like any other One's Justice model hmu, i might have it as well

Need help or anyhting else? dm me on discord @ Eagle#4191

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Eagle Author 1570655450 ago

It's the ice from One's Justice, you can use it for Todoroki if you want

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CrackinUpp 1570404982 ago

What is the ice for?

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Eagle Author 1560951930 ago


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cpartain 1560706869 ago

Hello every body

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cpartain 1560706366 ago


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slappedmonkey 1560585100 ago

do tokoyami pls

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slappedmonkey 1560585038 ago

do tokoyami pls

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CheinSojang 1560480329 ago

make an erp version of that one giantess

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