Minerva (Steampunk)

Uploaded by osmarsanvr 1561431678 ago


Hello! This is my first upload. It's my oc. Her name is Amelia but her friends call her Minerva. I thought it would be nice to share her with you guys, since I have been making more avatars of her. It's the first one I made, please enjoy using her, and if you edit her please let me know, I would love to see :) contact me on discord as Osmarsan#4194, let me know your thoughts :D.

Everything should be good to upload, comes with 4 gestures. Import VRCSDK, Cubed unity shaders and Dynamic bone. If theres a problem please let me know.

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InvalidVillain 1561467945 ago

Aye, this be very good

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osmarsanvr Author 1561446459 ago

Thank you :)

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Schzym 1561445718 ago

nice one

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