KV-2 mod. 1940

Uploaded by Red134 1562033741 ago


Due to popular demand from a bunch of my friends plus some of the people I met ingame who were using my tanks, here it is. The ultimate Russian Bias machine, the KV-2! Like all my previous tanks, you have to detach the 'Pipeline Manager' component because I have too many avatars to count and detaching it would result in it being difficult to find that ID later when I update it. Also, expect this to be messy as I don't organize my assets. Just look for the 'kv2 1940' Unity file and detach the Pipeline Manager and you should be all set. If you don't want some large project of yours getting junked up, you should make a new one for this.

Roll out, comrade!

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krieg 1603130498 ago

die in an school shooting, brainless wuss

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SharkQuestionmark 1565174001 ago

Bob semple package when?

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InvalidVillain 1562036169 ago

We all know the Bob Semple tank is the best machine ever created

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