Air Force Ones (Broken Don't Download lol)

Uploaded by Drax Chan 1562716316 ago


fixed the shoes, seperated left and right with 3 color ways

enjoy :)

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Drax Chan Author 1603241141 ago

yeah nah these is broken rn \fix coming soon with more color ways

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TheRealRiverVR 1596007965 ago

lmaoo fuckin jebaited

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d3m0n1029 1588352665 ago

no fbx Lol

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SHINEX 1580689074 ago

I dont se the fbx m8

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Drax Chan Author 1580544579 ago

how is there almost 2k downloads on this OMEGALUL

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Real_OwO 1577428797 ago

yo is there a link for the fbx

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Adikia 1567495575 ago

Prefab is empty and there's no fbx in the package

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Reavo 1562913623 ago

Got one in all black tho?

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Drax Chan Author 1562718529 ago


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Paranoias Big Venom 1562718080 ago

aids focks once

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