Brochacho Emoji Man imitation [+Custom Emotes with sound]

Uploaded by Huguito 1518073024 ago



Enjoy with this BOII.
Made in Milkshape, because im good! xd :)
Animations made in milkshape too, but need more smoothness and development.

NOTE1: Modify this model if you want finger rigs!!! because this feature is not included by default. Is a simple avatar
NOTE2: You need an old sdk if you have problems with uploading (i think)

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jackster 1537611450 ago

emote does no sound

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thememedudebro 1523573240 ago

the best model

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SteveGL64 1523160281 ago

Im not a fan of the blocky feet, its cool either way.

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DatBoiSunny 1522145418 ago

The answer is above, just use the old sdk from early January.

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Airfisher 1518630065 ago

For people who have the same problem as "it says that it cant publish because of ONSPaudiosource, any tips?", U have to use the old VRSDK

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RonaldGang 1518396103 ago

i am merely just a disciple of god

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Purple Destroyer 1518376034 ago

Dare you imitate GOD

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RonaldGang 1518337492 ago

could you probably rig the fingers i wanna use this with my headset and dab on the haters

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Huguito Author 1518276991 ago

daes11111: Con el modelo ya puesto (con sus controllers y todo, que es MuscleJoy) seleccionalo, luego te metes a la pestaña "Animator" (si no la tienes, despliegalo en las pestaña "Window" que hay en la parte superior del unity), ubica la parte de la animacion donde quieres que suene el sonido y lo activas (es como activar y desactivar un render) y luego te ubicas en la parte de la animacion donde quieres que deje de reproducir el sonido.
Quita la priorizacion roja (tienes todo rojo en unity) con el circulito rojo de "record" del animator para que se guarde la modificacion de la animacion.

Kone: Scene file: MuscleJoy.unity is there

About "Build and Publish" I think you need a old VRChat sdk, I have this sdk: VRCSDK-2018.

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daes11111 1518151978 ago

he he como ases para agregarle el sonido a las animaciones eso es lo k yo no puedo aser
este es mi Discor daes11111#7783

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theycallmehaz 1518131314 ago

the newest VRCSDK wont let you upload this, use bobilly89 vrcsdk, it should work.

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lileldin 1518124441 ago

it says that it cant publish because of ONSPaudiosource, any tips?

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Huguito Author 1518112387 ago

Sorry for that, guys. Im new on this unitypackage uploading. I fixed that now.

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Exozze 1518077280 ago

Grey shit -rep ((sorry)no)

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SuuKool 1518075616 ago

Materials are missing

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TheUnknownM 1518074559 ago

The model and the materials are grey.

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