Kill This Love Dance w/ Vocals

Uploaded by ShadowWovle 1563151709 ago


This dance is the full length MMD dance with the song and vocals added.
~ Kill This Love (
I dont own this dance. I only converted it to the .anim file type. If the owner of the mmd (only the owner) asks to take down the mmd I will.
Feel free to join my discord that shares vrc files like shaders, assets, texture, and ect.
Link --->


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JusFoNo 1614547697 ago

Heya, is it possible to contact you on Discord? The Discord Server link is invalid.

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Marshaik 1563177121 ago

Totally love this emote/music/vocal already using it which its a must to have moving lips on dancing emotes <3

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Bufordfarmboy 1563174515 ago

Your discord link is invalid.

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bitty 1563157512 ago

yes thank u

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