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Yo ppl still download this shit?????????????? Edited : 2/22/22

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loseztj Author 1597527541 ago

If you see this comment that mean Vrcmods staff not letting me post #FreeMe

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AsmoTheSexLord 1566761565 ago

VR chat only allows models under 70,000 pollygons and this is nearly 90,000.
it wont work at all.

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andy00 1564466696 ago

plane texture model ?

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KiraKoToVa 1564317405 ago

Where credits for model!?

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ivy 1564286837 ago


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CheinSojang 1563989832 ago

erp with me in this

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bitty 1563846148 ago

i think you might have to turn off the loop on the animations v

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nova4dayzz 1563844633 ago

so i went to go import the avatar into a new vrcsdk and there was no prebuilt override, so how do i get the clothing to be a toggle able thing in the emotes section, tried dragging the animation to the emote but it triggers it for a sec and then reverts it back to normal.

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Marshaik 1563801568 ago

don't mind if I do hahaha welcome to VRchat, nothing but ERP stuff xD

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Mr Satan 1563769061 ago


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PsychoUpdates 1563747606 ago

i love it, ty!

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bitty 1563736644 ago

the jiggles won't get you banned as long as your vagen and boobies are covered you are good kat

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KatKat 1563729114 ago

IS she ok to use in VRChat or could I get banned? I wanna get rid of the jiggles is all and is that o for VRChat? I wanna use her to look nice but not do anything sexual or weird.

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loseztj Author 1563728331 ago

No this is all done and ready im just dumb dont know how to export a scene so i put the scene in the unity package and label it as just the model

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JustJessiVR 1563727203 ago

Is this in development and can't be used on VRChat? I could've sworn it was VRChat Ready when it was uploaded....Still great model

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weso123 1563710219 ago

Good job mate

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NeganVR 1563706714 ago


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ImLatte 1563694511 ago

Why has no one upvoted?? ( I did)

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Kisiic 1563681751 ago

don't mind me, just gonna take this

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bitty 1563681484 ago


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