Legiana - Monster Hunter World

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Legiana from Monster Hunter World.
Model and textures extracted from the game files using information and scripts from the MHW modding wiki https://github.com/Ezekial711/MonsterHunterWorldModding/wiki
Original model and more models avaliable here https://mega.nz/#F!DCBDFI4Y!O2YW9ylx8h5PgYbhrXrcAA
Also avaliable on my world "Webway"
Uses humanoid animation set.
Requires Poiyomi shader.

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espectr0288 1589546382 ago


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Dushess 1569170815 ago

Of course stock anims (which loks weird and incorrect for this creature)?

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zak44803 1566965670 ago

Can you do the herbivores? It would be cool to have the Aptonoth to ride on

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Fadde 1564464655 ago

where are the animations?

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PoptartKnux 1564005298 ago

Black Swordsman: "THEY TUK AR JYABS!"

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Black Swordsman 1563958007 ago

Stop taking my job

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