SilVR Water Shader v3.4 Autoconfig

Uploaded by Blake447 1563988472 ago


IMPORTANT: This file is now oudated, I'm using github to host my prefabs now: For once, the youtube tutorial is already set up.

Tutorial link:

Some additional changes are a slight tweak to the rendering algorithm, as well as the addition of some presets to use. The default raymarched material has also been adjusted to resemble 2.0 as close as possible.

If you have 3.1, then I recommend just deleting the SilVR folder and reimporting this one (except any custom materials) although just importing it over the old one should be fine. '

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Blake447 Author 1609040549 ago

Btw I'm using github now

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PokeCatTHP 1567801678 ago

I know you sort of commented on this, but I would be interested in seeing it be able to be used on multiple planes, if you could explain or create maybe a short tutorial on how to do that I would love that, my world has toggles for them anyways. I've seen it done before with your water shader in a world, I figured the setup would be easy but I must be missing something. Any tips?

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Blake447 Author 1564598840 ago

I can't say that I've thoroughly tested it with the Default (raymarched) version, so you may have to use the Lite one

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Blake447 Author 1564598787 ago

Ninavor, Kind of. You'll see in all the water materials there is a texture field labeled "Water mask map" or "alpha mask". If I recall correctly, you feed in a black and white texture. Anything white becomes water, anything black becomes an edge. Replacing both of them and enable them through the sliders below them will cut the mask out from the water and allow it to bounce off the new edges

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Ninavor 1564586576 ago

Would one with a circular plane instead of a square one be possible to make?

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Blake447 Author 1564556171 ago

Jokerleon04, two planes of water requires further set up. Doing so would be easier with a little understanding of how it works, along with a bit of unity knowledge on cameras and rendertextures. On top of this it would be very performance heavy, and can cause some depth issues with the raymarching, so I actually discourage it. If you set it up to a toggle so that only one is active at any given time, that should solve the performance issue and make it work again anyway. VRCmods doesnt allow me enough characters to explain the setup

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jokerleon04 1564430732 ago

Can I use two plane for water ? I tried to put two prefabs water , But it's not work

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