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Here is a new boy for you guys. i also made a wolf boy version because everyone seems to love wolf boys XD

Make sure you upload the PoiShaders first before uploading the Model.

This model comes 100% ready to upload. It has the following features.

-Lip Sync
-Dynamic bones
-Eye Tracking

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TomiTom 1602642246 ago

Everytime when I try to publish your avatars I get error message: ....prefarb-id-v1_avtr_*****-****.prefarb.unity3d does not exist where the stars are much of letters and numbers, I tried all wolfboy avatars you created but all of them give me this error.

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GhostKnight771 1595636007 ago

am i allowed to edit this?

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Skittlesbeano 1573075772 ago


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ceo of sex 1570801179 ago

time to come up with my sexiest crash gun with loud sound effects because gangs are cool lol

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BLG18 1564890750 ago

Diaper Boy

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TheUnknownM 1564774102 ago

Ty @PsychoUpdates, I love the models so much!!!

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NeganVR 1564761610 ago


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Hell raven okuu 1564743687 ago


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PsychoUpdates Author 1564736753 ago

I fixed the problem

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TheUnknownM 1564721379 ago

When I click the .unity file, the model is pink so when I go in the mats and make them have poishaders The model is white but the arms are pink.

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