Kill la Kill - IF - Ryuko Matoi (visemes, eye tracking)

Uploaded by Eagle 1564765300 ago


Ryuko Matoi from the Kill la Kill - IF game, comes with her sword, visemes and eye tracking

Comes with 2 gestures:

Thumbs up - Sword
Fist - Sword, but with the extension part Sword extension part

changed shader to Arc System Works

uses xiexe's shader for the invisible material but you can also change it to any shader that has cutout, like cubed if you prefer (make sure cutout is on 1)

Any problems or questions? dm my discord @ Eagle#4191

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Maxizito 1566842242 ago

You dont fixed anything, all things are broken

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Eagle Author 1565053916 ago

I'll check if her pose and eye tracking is setup correctly and update if it isn't

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Kobrey 1564979857 ago

for anyone wondering about some things with the fingers, make sure to configure in unity for the armature, near apply, theres a tab that says pose, click it and do sample t-pose, thatll fix fingers, as for eye tracking to eye_L and eye_R, thatll probs fix it, common probs rn for the kill la kill models, cuz eye tracking is a bit wonky, other than that, good model

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Specs 1564971905 ago

the sword for some reason is showing up without me doing the thumbs up

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calypsoup 1564937864 ago

I want satsuki too

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Eagle Author 1564888698 ago

Oh fuck the name messed up after copy pasting it from the wiki lmao, I'll fix it lol

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RussianKakarot 1564853537 ago

eagle it Ryuko
u gonna trigger actual fans

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Eagle Author 1564781827 ago

It's the same as Fighter Z models, works fine though

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Memeolicious 1564773027 ago

what's up with their thumbs

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