Chill Prone Idle

Uploaded by TheBootyTamer 1565128376 ago


Popular vr pose for desktop boiz

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Cryption 1578344390 ago

Is there a download link to that avatar that you used for the pictures?

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Whoawoken 1642396712 ago

where can i get this model??

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giga 1569086954 ago

what is the base model? ^^

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nnnnnnnnn 1566741390 ago


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GhostY 1566110275 ago


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TheBootyTamer Author 1565213092 ago

you just add it to your prone idle in your override

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nurd 1565212617 ago

how do i like.. install it?

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koalka66 1565207773 ago

thank you so much!

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NeganVR 1565189556 ago


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Paranoias Big Venom 1565183631 ago


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Unknown Beast 1565173954 ago

love the model

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Mr Aurora 1565158354 ago

ok but like Hotdog gang

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tachophobic 1565136688 ago

I bet Valerian comments below

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