Half-Life Mikos

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Half-Life inspired Miko avatar pack. This unity package contains only 2 of the 10 avatars, you can get the rest of the avatars on the "Link To Other Avatars.txt" file in the "Half Life Miko Assets" folder. The Unity scene files are also in the "Half Life Miko Assets" folder. *NOTE: after clicking "Build & Publish" don't forget to "unpause":https://i.imgur.com/o1VVAXJ.png the scene so that you can proceed with the upload.

*Requires Unity 2017 (Unity 2017.4.15f1)
*Full-Body fixed

~> Weapons Included:

MP5 with M203
M16A2 with M203
M249 SAW
Egon Gun

Beretta M92
Desert Eagle
.357 Revolver

***Utility and Special Ability Weapons***
Hand Grenade
M9 Bayonet

~> Custom Emotes for both standing and sitting for desktop users; and gesture triggerable by doing keystrokes: Shift+(F1-F8).

~> For VR users, you can access the triggers by toggling the "rocknroll" hand gesture (universal firing gesture for all weapons), "thumbsup" (deploy M203/deploy Knife/toggle visible mode/deploy RPG), "victory/peace" gesture (deploy Primary weapon), "finger gun" gesture (deploy Secondary weapon/toggle invisibility), "fingerpoint" gesture (reload weapon), "fist" (deploy Grenade/toggle normal hands) and "hand open" (to reset the gesture)

~>Combo gestures: fist + fingerpoint or rocknroll = trigger random voice lines (for Barney Miko only); fingerpoint + jump = fly mode; fingerpoint + victory + walk = invisible ladder; fist + finger gun = full invisibility (for Assassin Miko only)

*Known bug: Sometimes whenever you do emotes, especially the shooting emote, the sounds and particles becomes broken, the reason being is that the fist gesture (shift F2) is on while the emote is played. The solution is to just do hand open first, or press shift F3 or shift F4 or any key other than shift F2 and then play an emote. Whenever you get stuck at switching gestures, just do hand open on both hands, this is basically the side effect of using a toggle system gesture.


~> Player & weapon models, textures and sounds from Sven Coop and Gmod
~> other weapon models, textures & sounds by EA DICE
~> Special thanks to LoneWolf Soldier for providing the base model for the Assassin Miko and for the hair model for the scientist Miko

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RomanTheTherapist 1622967953 ago


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DIObrandoVRCHAT 1606188021 ago

please make an avatar world that has this in it!

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TirantRex 1588643512 ago

Seems that the Hose for the Egon gun works in unity but the bones don't function in VRChat.

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Baeronius 1568599406 ago

HEV suit is broken (on Freeman Scientist) You need to reconnect its transition for it to work.

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Some Serb 1568471444 ago

I dont have Barney..or the HEV Suit

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Itsugo 1566652028 ago

Don't have Miko with HEV SUIT

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Corporal 1566202689 ago

"Have you been able to get the beverage machine to work yet?"

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Wraith 1566181575 ago


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GhostY 1566110295 ago


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PonySaurus Rex Author 1566042483 ago

@starrybutter yes I've fixed it recently as well as my other ones

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starrybutter 1565994922 ago

Did you fix the full body on this set? The other ones had the consistently crouching thing going on.

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Unknown Squid 1565818970 ago

A friend was showing me the avatar world versions of these recently. Brilliant attention to detail on the weapon animations, and top quality particle design. Really good stuff.

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Yuno42 1565710945 ago

@PonySaurus Rex
Good to know.

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nep77 1565710089 ago

we need a scientist version that says STAHP

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kirakirachan 1565655952 ago

Very cute!!

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Myrkur 1565596500 ago

wow didnt think you would make them public rex

0 Reply
PonySaurus Rex Author 1565518055 ago

@Yuno42 it's part of an emote you can switch to, also if you haven't noticed yet, the rest of the DL is on the link inside the package

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Yuno42 1565512702 ago

Where is the Gorden Miko with Suit?

0 Reply
PonySaurus Rex Author 1565512124 ago

@willis8080 no problem ;-)

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willis8080 1565511597 ago

Finally, this gave me nostalgia, PonySaurusRex. Thank you so much for this avatar.

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PonySaurus Rex Author 1565468234 ago

If this is another search and rescue operation I'm gonna be pissed

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TheUnknownM 1565464861 ago

Catch Me Later, I'll Buy You a Beer!

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NeganVR 1565457361 ago

@Paranoias Big Venom, gordon freeman can now be finally fucked sex time

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Kassatsu 1565456669 ago

I had no idea I needed these.

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Paranoias Big Venom 1565450842 ago

finally? gordon was already fucked dude

0 Reply
NeganVR 1565448260 ago

gordon freeman can now be finally fucked sex time

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