Chibi ooka's

Uploaded by Mappi 1565607117 ago


Releasing these two chibi's I've had in my world for a while. They should work with FBT although your head will be quite big.

Setup instructions :

1. Import dynamic bones, VRCSDK to your project. It comes with a public version of poiyomi's shader.
2. Import the package
3. Drag the prefabs into your hierarchy (Located under models/chibi miko/<model-folder>

Have fun o/

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emerellthomas 1605795807 ago

where can I get the base of this model?

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UMIT 1581462879 ago

Can you please mention the creator or source of this avatar.

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Skullyman 1573512748 ago

I wish someone would make my avatar into a small one like this

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Mobi 1572699176 ago

like the original creator of this model

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Mobi 1572699133 ago


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azurekite 1570592862 ago

YES! Now I can finally work on tiny models!

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Red134 1567350884 ago


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Zennshi 1566519327 ago

seiki when

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nanights98 1565954046 ago

About to lewd this

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miyana 1565924000 ago

best avutars eva, yaes

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killer condo 99 1565795971 ago

i will make some grate stuff with these two thx

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poiyomi 1565712379 ago

Blessed avatars by blessed mappi

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MeIsYeah 1565687736 ago


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seabug 1565658387 ago


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LLawlet 1565636901 ago


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NeganVR 1565633831 ago


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Paranoias Big Venom 1565628455 ago


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BlackStartx 1565623473 ago

Woah, I've loved this model since the first time that I ever saw it, thanks for release it * ^ * <3

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