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WRS Avatar Winged +Dbones, Mouth, Eye and realistic physix

Make shure u open the "OpenMe" Scene file includet.

U need Cubeds-Unity-Shaders (should be includet) and a Dynamic Bone Script !

Edit: 1 Removed the Animations becouse they caused problems with dynamic bones (Aniamtions still in the folder, but not on the model anymore)
2 Increased the Size of the Model a bit (feel free to make it smaller if u dont like big models)

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PureMystery 1540030814 ago

Thank you for the upload!

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OmnisFenrir 1524284034 ago

Do you have black rock shooter version of this model?

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DandyesLoveGirls 1520096233 ago

do it come with a weapons?

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Viscoun 1519236296 ago

would be great if you could fix the eyes - their movement is way too erratic. otherwise great model

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Rika360 1518756322 ago

hola, me gusto tu avatar podrias hacer una version sin las alas? y sin el Dynamic Bone Scrip? tambien estaria genial que publicaras tambien TDA BRS :)

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Quadrat Author 1518408629 ago

Ty :) Nice to see

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nolanshaye 1518403425 ago

I love the model 10/10!

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Quadrat Author 1518243213 ago

Yes, you need them!

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u4017470 1518241110 ago

you need dynamic bones for the scripts i guess

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Exozze 1518240939 ago

How to fix missing scripts? https://imgur.com/a/HmkYG

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u4017470 1518240499 ago

can you add 2 versions with the pack one 20k poly and one higher poly version (for the ones with other sdk)?

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Quadrat Author 1518239846 ago

The previous one was the same i reuploadet it becouse someone got a issue with scripts. And after i delitet it, i noticed that he had just no dynamic bone script so that caused the issue. I hope everything works.....

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Quadrat Author 1518239773 ago

It was verry hard for me to decimate the model. i tryed to work around 3days and did not come to any solution, sry. wings alone got 30k polys... i can remove the wings if u like a better cloth texture but that ruins the model for me. U can try create ur own one if u think u can get a fix for that :) Im still bad at all this stuff so ye, atleast i try to share stuff. And yes i get ur point but cant realy fix it at this state. (full model had 71k polys :( )

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LucianoFMA 1518239656 ago

What's the problem with the previous one?

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u4017470 1518238075 ago

clothes look bad to many gaps

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