Jump Force - Kaiba 54K poly (visemes and eye tracking)

Uploaded by Eagle 1566822727 ago


Kaiba from Jump Force

comes with visemes and eye tracking

Credit: https://www.deviantart.com/mylladinx/art/-XPS-JUMP-FORCE-Seto-Kaiba-810182418

Uses Xiexe's toon shader: https://github.com/Xiexe/Xiexes-Unity-Shaders/releases/

I ended up doing this model because of https://vrcmods.com/user/TheLeadZombie so thanks lol x)

Any questions? Message me on discord @ Eagle#4191

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Teeplyr 1566868527 ago

That's what it do, Yugi.

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M4rsH 1566860550 ago

Nice, been waiting for a good Kaiba model

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NeganVR 1566843965 ago

sex @Firefwex

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Firefwex 1566838119 ago

whoring for popularity @coolestTicktocker

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Eagle Author 1566837481 ago

sex :)

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NeganVR 1566836347 ago


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coolestTicktocker 1566833791 ago

Ok I just have to ask NeganVR, why are you commenting sex on every single thing on here?

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NeganVR 1566831091 ago


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