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Old avatar of mine, you will need to install dynamic bones separately as I did not include that in this package.

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Wendigo1 1569970170 ago

i knew it was you onii-chan!!

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Tawna Bandicoot 1569074116 ago

much better

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Snerp Author 1568993538 ago

but it is not JUST the shader its also some clever modeling/viseme configuration on my part. The shortest way I can explain what it is doing is something of a non-ZTested portal effect. For the mouth at least, there is a material set to a mask that simply hides the head material and reveals the mouth material sitting just behind it, and the visemes mainly control the shape and size of that mask to give the illusion of a mouth opening.

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Snerp Author 1568993297 ago

No, really it IS Poiyomi's toon shader. But to be more specific its using the stencil function that the shader provides. Though it is totally possible to modify other shaders to use Unity's stencil buffer. This is the chunk of relevant documentation ->
While Poiyomi has this functionality by default I can hack existing shaders to use the buffer.

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Tawna Bandicoot 1568965448 ago

that still doesnt tell me anything

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Snerp Author 1568922644 ago

its poiyomi's toon shader btw. any verison will do

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Tawna Bandicoot 1568820535 ago

cause it seems that the eyes and visemes are controlled using a shader

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Tawna Bandicoot 1568820502 ago

what shader does this use?

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Tawna Bandicoot 1568820012 ago

been looking for this ngl

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NeganVR 1568811380 ago


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Legoman99573 1568792721 ago


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