Hypno Shader (Lexic0n's Edit)

Uploaded by Lexicon 1569013617 ago



a modified version of Riley's Hypno Shader i did to add color and transparency

Credit goes to OMG Riley for the initial shader code

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Lexicon Author 1570503879 ago

yeah wasn't to hard to do either Aidan. credit is given where credit is due

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OMG Riley 1569052862 ago

Thanks for the credit <3

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Scoot 1644023986 ago

can you link me the file to the avatar its used on in the preview?

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Minamae 1588618410 ago


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Aidan 1569372496 ago

colour and transparency is 6 lines most so good job giving credit unlike kyran who copies entire code and says he made it

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Lexicon Author 1569095392 ago

anytime @OMG RIley. been using it for ages now :P had to tweak it so i could make some actual rezz glasses

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The Dude 1569039803 ago

Gay furry porn sex

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Legoman99573 1569037140 ago

Gangbang Sex

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NeganVR 1569028617 ago


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xiledbrady 1569026482 ago

Time to make some Rezz glasses.

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redraven626 1569019893 ago

NeganVR loves gay furry porn if he types "sex" in the comments

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killthesound 1569013734 ago


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