PsychoUpdates Updated Wolf Child | FullBody Ready

Uploaded by PsychoUpdates 1569264887 ago


since my first WolfChild was so scuffed, i decided to redo it.
Updated Stuff
-Split hair
-fixed bones
-fullbody fix
-fixed shirt
-Air Force Ones
-better ears with dynamics

Make sure you upload the PoiShaders first before uploading the Model.

This model comes 100% ready to upload. It has the following features.

-Lip Sync
-Dynamic bones
-Eye Tracking

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Minamae 1588445288 ago


1 Reply
TurboNotFound 1605090306 ago

does it have face expressions?

0 Reply
joama 1590173597 ago

where do i get Poishaders?

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IMA_Eboy 1589796307 ago

Thank you I’ve been needing a skin like this:)

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Skittlesbeano 1573075854 ago


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Red134 1569666828 ago


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Tawna Bandicoot 1569536495 ago

sToP DeLEtInG Mu COmMeNTs U niggeR

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redraven626 1569327018 ago

oh good, apparently im not the only one sick of these genaric work E fucbois

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BarsFromMars 1569325479 ago

eboy sex

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MrBaracu 1569314877 ago

@Paranoias Big Venom Just idiots say "please die".

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PsychoUpdates Author 1569314463 ago

@NunchiVR tyty

0 Reply
NunchiVR 1569313805 ago

Calling me daddy be that gay shit but ight, I forgive you @PsychoUpdates

0 Reply
PsychoUpdates Author 1569312919 ago

@NunchiVR didnt mean to be so salty, i just got done with a really bad game of dbd so i was in a toxic mood, sorry daddy XD

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NunchiVR 1569308703 ago

"friend request from PsychoUpdates" lmao

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Paranoias Big Venom 1569293357 ago

every wolf boy avatar looks the same. Please die

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Hell raven okuu 1569286794 ago

why do these always have ugly ass fullbody tattoos
bitch you look like you're from the streets of detroit

0 Reply
NunchiVR 1569285584 ago

And one doesn't matter if i make vrcmods content, lmao

0 Reply
NunchiVR 1569285524 ago

Someone is a bit salty over one comment? i see.

0 Reply
Legoman99573 1569282301 ago

bondage sex

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hiimdoge 1569280648 ago

great work with all the uploads, don't listen to the haters

0 Reply
NunchiVR 1569277063 ago

why use the same shit over and over again? like the clothing try something different next time

0 Reply
ImStuff 1569276594 ago


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NeganVR 1569266964 ago


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