Animation Set (102 total animations + Tutorial In Description)

Uploaded by bobilly89 1518368770 ago


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The rest of the dances are linked below since the max upload is 40mb.!cqIExJjZ!2-uFSV0GeLlfg9kE1PANAg

Get Down || Audio Link:!R2QVTQga!Q9XNJT7AVwSn0qlpROUyKNOggShEIaugySiT9KN5sNA
Francium Motion Dance || Audio Link:!13IHQITA!yLSHdzu2KYfOPMVtmsfM_Okg0Vzmvfp2BljnNuvEBOU

For help on adding audio to an existing emote watch this:

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Strawberry Poison 1551130135 ago

If these ARE from Mixamo, that's actually good for me because sometimes Mixamo breaks the bones on my avatars or just refuses to upload them for whatever reasons.

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Scott Rash 1534183526 ago

Try to change the avatar controller to none.

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NyTR0S 1523513807 ago

it wont let me add properties to the animations it is greyed out. please help.

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ArmoredMicrobe2 1523383611 ago

can you make a take on me animation please

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rich1051414 1522958663 ago

What song specifically is the michael jackson dance in the extras package labeled d1 and d2?

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manek 1522627546 ago

they work perfectly except for those i downloaded from mega they have wobly eyes for some reason during animation
other than that they work perfectly

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bobilly89 Author 1521834844 ago

@mijin there might be a faster way to do it, but you can just edit the animation and space out all of the keys one by one. There is most likely a much faster way, but I have never had the need to try this.

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Mijin 1521763044 ago

I'm willing to pay for someone to teach me how to reduce the speed of an animation so that it syncs with audio files better. For example, so I could use a 10 sec audio clip with dab.anim rather than being stuck with 3 sec audio. Discovering a way to do this is a more closely guarded secret than the location of the fucking holy grail. You can hit me up on discord Mijin#1820

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bobilly89 Author 1521661128 ago

@bun nie just use a flash video downloader plugin then convert the mp4 to a wav file

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bun nie 1521659511 ago

can't find where to download original audio for francium, link in the youtube video doesn't work

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bobilly89 Author 1520469699 ago

@Benie Why does it matter that some of them are from mixamo? Having them all ready to use in .anim files is much easier. There are quite a few that aren't on Mixamo.

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Benie 1520014413 ago

All of these, you can find on Mixamo.

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bobilly89 Author 1519275702 ago

@eullerking its in there

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EullerKing 1519197790 ago

i need a francium.anim

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Laezor 1519083473 ago

how did you do all these animations, and all avatar are able to use them?

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GameXMode 1518679309 ago

Good on you for uploading this :D

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Clyde 1518674025 ago

selling toe sucking tips hmu on discord

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Knuckles Killer 1518625649 ago

Where is Get Down anim.?

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XxWhatfoxsayxX 1518476137 ago esta en español lo recomiendo 100%

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rons0n 1518423272 ago

Thanks man, Hope you update this with more emotes!

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Kaz 1518410768 ago

Please make more!

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Lyit 1518390091 ago

i did

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Donramax 1518388815 ago

I have not the slightest clue on how to add the sound as my "add property's" button is i can't add the audio source

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Lyit 1518388228 ago

How can i add audio to an animation? Like, an earrape on DAB?

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bobilly89 Author 1518382379 ago

add a audio source to the model then duplicate the model and just drag it onto the duplicated model like when you make any regular animation and in the animation window u can just enable it

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Entidade404 1518380319 ago

and how do I put it together with the animation??

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Entidade404 1518379534 ago

animation get down come with music ??

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Kone 1518375557 ago

How can I use this? I'm a noob, have some tutorial?

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