V for Vendetta

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He is a mysterious anarchist, vigilante, and freedom fighter who is easily recognizable by his Guy Fawkes mask, long hair and dark clothing.

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Deus vult96 1518642424 ago

@F can you make a templar avatar?

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TheUnknownM 1518563373 ago

@F what about people wanting the mode to be 20k and they don't know how to decimate avatars to be 20k? Why not have the avatar 20k+ For yourself and upload it 20k for others because they don't want a sdk bypass or a chance to get banned for a 20k+ avatar?

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Zoned2 1518543748 ago

@slash2017 you need to click the model, and the inspector and click add component and type vrc_avatar_descriptor then place it inbetween the eyes

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slash2017 1518495538 ago

"please add a scene descriptor or avatar descriptor to your project"
i used cubedshaders

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F Author 1518492105 ago

You could upload the model itself into Blender and decimate the polygons a little bit. Personally I bypass the limit for my avatars because I find the 20k limit to be ridiculous.

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TheUnknownM 1518487762 ago


But when I use this the polygons double for some reason.

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Dashinrevolta 1518476277 ago

Looks awesome but it has too many polygons

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Learn how to install avatars, models and more here! Very quick 1 minute easy to follow videos.

All avatars, models, and unity content included in Unitypackages are scanned for malicious and incorrectly configured files.