BuddyBoy | FullBody Ready

Uploaded by PsychoUpdates 1571273430 ago


had this model for a while, so thought i should upload it. Make sure you upload the PoiShaders first before uploading the Model. This model comes 100% ready to upload. It has the following features. -Lip Sync -Dynamic bones -Blinking -Eye Tracking -PoiShaders Join my discord for avatar updates / Assets / Models / Help- https://discord.gg/jcTQ86x Plugs Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEeZdId9wkVEOjG-nB7XNUA?view_as=subscriber Twitch- https://www.twitch.tv/psychoupdates

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Wiggalito 1571331154 ago

agreed fuck those flip flops

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Wigga 1571311809 ago

Bruh fuck your flipp flopps. why the fuck would you use them? you could of used anything and you took the homeless ones

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MeIsYeah 1571480040 ago

so sad, can't downvote anymore ;(

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NeganVR 1571282959 ago


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teadermama 1589154831 ago

Can yu go this hard on a female skin like yu do the boy skins cause not to sound bitchy you could do better =_=

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Red134 1577102035 ago


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Tawna Bandicoot 1571502426 ago

still trash

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Kentucky 1571428994 ago

It's a woman

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ImLatte 1571349033 ago

This avatar is like the ideal Douche Bag.

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Skittlesbeano 1571336329 ago


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sexfornegan 1571312857 ago


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Violet Wishes 1571294584 ago


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Legoman99573 1571273800 ago


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