STALKER Exo suit

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Exo suit of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R saga Victory: Heavy gun RockNroll: Shoot gun ThumbsUp: Do Kazotsky kick while the cheeki breeki song plays Mini tutorial:Load the scene after loading the sdk into your project, after that you may have to apply the texture of the avatar in the model, just drag and drop the texture on it, after that be sure that the override is in the sdk, in case is not just put him on it, its called (Exo override) and its on the folder named "model and override" Let me know in the comments if theres any problems that i should fix PD: Die Duty, Freedom 4 life

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SharkQuestionmark 1571579763 ago

Get out of here stalker!

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NeganVR 1571368086 ago


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MorvidsWinning2 1628615384 ago

any avatar worlds with this on oculus quest? cant seem to figure out how to make on quest

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zionomania_yt 1612257034 ago


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Zombine_C17 1607521594 ago


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Legoman99573 1571389859 ago


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