Bob Semple - Hearts of Iron 4

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The Bob Semple from Hearts of Iron 4 Extracted using the "Import/Export Paradox mesh" tool Has a movement animation from the game but due to IK problems humanoid walking anims beyond idle will not show to other players, only local. Also avaliable on my world "Webway" No requests VRC mods does not notify by email when a comment is made so contact me on [email protected] if any issues.

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InvalidVillain 1572150853 ago

The REAL reason Hitler was defeated

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Red134 1572820322 ago

I can make this thing actually work.

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OurHorizon 417 1572155301 ago

omg i love that game and this is the funiest tank in the world you just got to love the guy who thout this was a good idea

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NeganVR 1572089211 ago


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Gamby Bay 1572088981 ago

Better than the Tiger II

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Paranoias Big Venom 1572087480 ago

What is this faggotry

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