Odds SDK (DL in description)

Uploaded by odds 1572637176 ago


A version of the latest SDK with lots of quality of life changes and fixes to the base sdk and additional features ive made to make things easier c: Download: http://sdk.oddz.xyz Wanna get notifications when I post updates? Join the discord! http://oddz.xyz

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Dusya 1575316206 ago

odds sdk shit

3 Reply
Dory 1572657425 ago

Wooowww I was gonna leak your shit. This is Dory approved

2 Reply
DragonNr1 1572925279 ago


1 Reply
Red134 1572732627 ago

This isn't even needed anymore

1 Reply
Sincilian 1572716695 ago

Don't DL this, this guy is too retarded to even make a changelog and only says "new features, easier to use"

1 Reply
NeganVR 1572698347 ago


1 Reply
Mime0Tron 1602597576 ago

Is this compatible with today's SDK?

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RedTaction 1585855212 ago

Is this still useable in this new 2020 vrc update.. Genuine question

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LLawlet 1573232365 ago

Lol used to use this along time ago good shit

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