Wolf Girl (Dynamic Bones + Colliders + Eye Tracking + Facial Gestures...)

Uploaded by - Ayuumii - 1572985532 ago


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FlobySop64 1573058581 ago

why the fuck does this shit model have 200k polys like what the fuck

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Rubba 1573041852 ago


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redraven626 1573052066 ago

begone thot!

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AlphaBlob 1573173487 ago

This look like trash, so it belong on VRCMods. Good job

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eN7ity 1573151768 ago

There is no Poly limit anymore so Odds SDK is not needed. Still 200k is way too much for an Avatar like this...

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CheinSojang 1573088138 ago


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PsychoUpdates 1573027461 ago

love it <3

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Minamae 1590255309 ago

can you do this avatar without a cigarette?

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JetPee 1576119027 ago


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