Sonic Avatar with jiggle

Uploaded by Sal 1515886802 ago


jiggle hair

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TrashStars 1598035945 ago


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MasterTails 1526903470 ago

Back at the heels when I look, it looks sloppy down and you just have to do it to make your legs look right on the right line as they are straight and straightforward with other avatars, it looks like a ballerina that is fingers in almost the same position.
Avatar is your ranking is 10 of 10 .... just fix those legs behind because they go this way
                                                            >.. \\ .. <it just looks like a little bit more lace
Q. If you can do Tails and Rogue, it's enough

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GhostUnit25 1515945858 ago

Its nice

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seabug 1515940564 ago


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