Pokémon Sw/Sh - Nessa (eye tracking, visemes)

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Nessa from Pokémon Sword/Shield model from theVGresource https://www.vg-resource.com/thread-25872.html Nessa comes with eye tracking and visemes Uses Mochie's Uber Shader, you can also use other shaders if you want, but I'd recommend one that supports PBR for this model EDIT: https://github.com/MochiesCode/Mochies-Uber-Shader forgot Mochie took it down from vrcmods Mochie creates awesome shaders, so maybe support them :) https://www.patreon.com/mochieshaders Any problems or questions? DM me on Discord @ Eagle#4191 or come say hi in the vrcmods discord server :) Enjoy!

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Kimi Yagami 1574619759 ago

replace the blu pokeball with a glass of chocky milk in that pic

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Zennshi 1574614411 ago

Do you have the white skin textures?

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SadisticKannaXI 1574615792 ago

Where can I find the shaders? I don't see them on here

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ImStuff 1574601605 ago


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