Thicc Shygal Blinking+visemes+jiggle physics

Uploaded by Kimi Yagami 1575144594 ago


thicc shygal with multiple textures for ur custom needs comes with jiggle physics,blinking and visemes just open the scene file and hit upload also the scale may have random numbers but trust me its the correct size uses rero's standard shader hack (spec)

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AnimeLoverOtakuAndFnafFanNya 1575164148 ago

Not sure if I should mark this as nsfw or not when uploading (._.)

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Cockobango 1575216953 ago


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NeganVR 1575195166 ago


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silve16 1575169926 ago

well this is interesting

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NightmareSylv 1575159991 ago

y'all need to shut up about Kimi activating her windows

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CyberninjaDM 1590914912 ago

how do you change its color

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UnikWolf 1575229588 ago

Do you happen to have a version without the nipples poking out?

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NightmareSylv 1575225261 ago

before Kimi uploaded this unity file into VRCMods, he first gave to me to see if it works normally, and it does, just make sure to keep the size it has

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yummydaddy 1575204503 ago

ngl, the nipples and breast look kinda gross.

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angelcat 1575163779 ago

can you also upload thicc tails?

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