Thicc Bowsette blinking+visemes+jiggle physics

Uploaded by Kimi Yagami 1575195367 ago


she comes with blinking,visemes, eyetracking, (had to rig and weight paint the eyebones myself) shes scaled correctly so dont worry about the random numbers for the x,y,z scale uses rero's standard shader hack(spec) also has 4 gesture animations with facials (annoyed,happy,tiddy flash and smug) [this is all been made,ported,and fixed by me] model by endlessillusion

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NeganVR 1575263694 ago


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Burritony 1575268785 ago

Activate Windows. Go to settings to activate windows.

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silve16 1575259428 ago

the meme lives...

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Legoman99573 1575255052 ago

rape sex

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malachiel 1575553176 ago

is a nsfw --, with crossfinger you show boobs

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Cockobango 1575396704 ago

Activate Sex. Go to NeganVR to activate Sex.

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yummydaddy 1575257985 ago

she looks kinda stretched lmao

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PoptartKnux 1575256822 ago

Look a lewd avatar. In a couple hours this is gonna be at the top of the Trending page. Because that's how VRCmods works these days.

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