Battlefield V British Assault

Uploaded by Joseph Joestar 1575302929 ago


Source: File is too big to upload so download the package here --> mediocre rigging hands are a bit scuffed

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Kimi Yagami 1575305303 ago

look man...u better keep posting more of these , i like this shit

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Red134 1575801929 ago

ww2 sex

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Holly 1575356510 ago

Why use mixamo to rig models when you can rig them your self.

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ThePotatoPilot 1575352700 ago

You sure do love using the Russian website to get your models.

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Imotekh The Stormlord 1575325455 ago

Yes this is very good, you should do more wolfenstein models!

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NeganVR 1575320895 ago


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