Songbird - Bioshock: Infinite

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Songbird is a creature or construct of undetermined origins that is feared by the citizens of Columbia, and is Elizabeth's guardian.

Cubeds Unity Shaders required. Make sure you set it to Flat Lit toon for all parts.

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ToucanFugu 1520470299 ago

The polygons seemed Infinite, but it looks great even after I decimated it.

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YoImADog 1519019959 ago

Thank's for posting about it Willow, was gonna download but ain't now.

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SubTotal 1518885628 ago

yo bro i think i saw you in the great pub whilst i was a bid daddy, anyway could you upload a subject delta skin? btw i did use your unrigged skin and i just forgot about it lol

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Wallow 1518883195 ago

This over the 20k poly limit (23k)

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