Panosphere/Rotating Shader

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This Shader is used to make moving images. It's actually one of the best and most fun shaders to use. You can either use it to block out the sky or on your avatar body. Make sure you don't set the offsets too high or else they won't work right.

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ModdedSDK 1523779458 ago

how to block sky with my image this shader:?

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fireeyedpixie 1522560438 ago

I change the Offset but it does not alter the speed at all, am i doing something wrong?

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Salt Lord 1520673010 ago

set it to like the slider like in the middle for it to be slow @fapples

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Fapples 1519173853 ago

Is there any way to slow it down? It's going crazy fast :(

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Salt Lord 1519095055 ago

can you add speed control to this. This is really cool btw

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F Author 1519037012 ago

I don't like the latest Version, it seems to cause issues with other shaders I use.

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just weeb 1518970840 ago

You should update it to the latest version.

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F Author 1518959015 ago

Put it in Unity, select your material object then select your texture. Change the offsets to go faster and less or slower and more.

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TheUnknownNZ 1518906867 ago

how does one use it

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