Jump Force - Kenshiro 69K poly (visemes and eye tracking)

Uploaded by Eagle 1576111037 ago


Kenshiro from Jump Force visemes and eye tracking ready has 2 gestures: Rock & Roll / Shift + F6 = ''You're already dead'' Thumbs Up / Shift + F8 = ATATATATA / Punching (both have audio) Uses Mochie's Uber Shader: https://github.com/MochiesCode/Mochies-Uber-Shader/releases (oh and support Mochie if you can, good stuff :) https://www.patreon.com/mochieshaders) Questions or problems? Message me on discord ~> Eagle#4191 Or drop by the vrcmods discord to say hi :)

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GawGawHaNa 1576160669 ago


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NeganVR 1576141110 ago


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Kassatsu 1576114762 ago

You are already sexed.

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miat101 1642292641 ago

i am too lazy to this lol.

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PsyKoPat0606 1638883817 ago

Can't publish. "You Are Trying to replace or create a Prefab from the instance 'Kenshiro(clone)' that references a missing script."

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Midoriya2345 1620066501 ago

can you make a jump force goku

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coolestTicktocker 1576784374 ago

When I opened the scene, he doesn't have his textures applied, what do?

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cory044 1576509413 ago

Do you do requests?

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Craftorias 1576231237 ago

How do i add the animation it seem broken

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